How do I find my bus route?

We use Infofinder for bus route information. Click on the link below, type in your address and click search to locate your bus stop (and snow route stop.)

Infofinder Bus Route Locator

How do I find my snow bus route?

Snow bus routes are also posted on our Snow Routes webpage. Search for a snow route by clicking on your school. If you have more questions, visit our Weather Procedures and Snow Routes webpage.

Ready to Ride

Watch the video below to learn more about bus expectations and safety.


For a Spanish version of video above, click here.



Students living within a one-mile radius from school are expected to walk or bike to school. (This is a straight-line, “as the crow flies”, one-mile walking distance.) Please check Infofinder Bus Route Locator to see whether your child will walk to a particular school. The district partners with the City of Bellingham to support families with identifying school walk routes.




Call Transportation at 360-676-6546. Our automated telephone system will help direct you. Please listen to the prompts and leave a message. Calls will be returned as soon as possible.