Board member Diaz Hackler and Supt. Baker meet with Fairhaven students

What are you most excited about regarding the 2022 bond?

All of the projects are important to different groups. It’s like trying to pick a favorite school. My son was in the CT program and I am super excited for them to get their own space. Then there is the work planned to build a new elementary school and finish current projects. I couldn’t be more thrilled that we are adding inclusive play grounds and play fields. I think that these projects really show how much we love all of our kids.

Is there a specific project in the bond that you are appreciative of or think the community should know more about?

I think that might be the work planned for Kulshan Middle School, especially the plan to replace existing grass with turf.

As we get closer to the halfway point in the school year, what are you noticing in our district and schools? Any reflections or thoughts to share?

It doesn’t seem possible that we are nearing the halfway point of the school year. I am glad that our schools are once again open for in person learning. It seems so vital for many that we gather together as a community. Having opportunities for sports, concerts and classes is something many people took for granted, until it was taken away. I am truly grateful for everything everyone has done to make it all possible. From bus drivers, to para educators, teachers, janitors, nurses and administrators… I appreciate you.

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