Giles fifth grade class with their letter from President Biden

In January, Cordata Elementary School students in Linda Giles’ fifth grade class wrote a letter to either President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris explaining the issues they hoped would be a focus of the new administration.

On Thursday, June 10 they received a response from President Biden.

“Something many of our letters focused on was being kind and working together as Americans,” Giles said. “I am so proud of our fifth graders!”

The letter from President Biden reads:

Dear Students, 

Thank you for writing me! I really enjoyed hearing from you and reading your thoughts about the issues most important to you. 

Our country faces many challenges, and the work we have ahead of us is going to be really tough. I am certain that if we set aside our differences and come together as a Nation, we will create positive change. It will not be easy, and I am going to need your help. 

Even at your young ages, you have the power to impact the future for generations to come. Throughout your lives, remain curious, creative, and fearless. These traits will serve you well and allow you to experience the best life has to offer. 

I wish you the best in the years ahead and look forward to seeing where your futures take you. Study hard. Keep challenging yourselves. And be kind.

Sincerely, Joe Biden

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