Student Paige Artino holds a tool in the Aerospace Engineering shop

Two Bellingham High School students will spend part of their summer participating in a paid Core Plus Aerospace Virtual Internship hosted by The Boeing Company. The internship includes 3-5 weeks of early mornings and long days for real-world training and mentorship in aerospace manufacturing. Both Paige Artino and Jace McNamara of Bellingham High School started their CTE pathways at BHS, building their foundational skills in the first two years.

“I’m excited for this internship because I look forward to gaining more insight on the aerospace industry, building my skills related to airplanes, and working with different machinery,” said Paige Artino of the Boeing summer internship program.

The Core Plus Aerospace program is curricula that sets up manufacturing/engineering foundation skills during the first year. During the second year the Aerospace Manufacturing class allows students to further explore the aviation industry.

The Boeing internship is open to students enrolled in manufacturing courses in high schools. There are 41 Core Plus Aerospace High School programs across the state, many with students who applied for Boeing’s internship program.

“I am happy for these two talented students to continue to build their skills and their resume,” said Jared Greenwood, CTE teacher at Options High School. “This internship will allow them to learn from industry experts during the mentorship.”

Other students accepted into this internship program have continued to build their skills and interests in engineering and manufacturing careers. Some have pursued a four-year degree, while others use the networking to go straight into a company workplace.

“This fits into my career interest, aerospace engineering, which I will also be majoring in at San Diego State University in the fall of 2021,” continued Artino. “I will use the summer to work, putting this internship as my first priority, and then enjoy being graduated and seeing friends before I move down to California.”

“I am really excited for both of these stellar students,” said Paul Clement, CTE teacher at Bellingham High School. “This is a unique opportunity for them and will provide an inside look at what their future could hold.  I am also extremely pleased to see the result of a cohesive STEM program running through our schools.”

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