Here is a list of our 2020-21 retirees in alphabetical order with their years of service. This list includes confirmed retirees through the May 2021 school board report and who we were able to confirm wished to be honored publicly.

Jeffry Allen, Head Custodian, Sehome High School, 20 years in BPS
Mike Anderson, Director, Buildings and Grounds, 27 years in BPS
Dianne Ardourel, School Psychologist, Northern Heights Elementary, 21 years in BPS/33 years in education
M’Lyn Avera, Literacy specialist/teacher, Sunnyland Elementary, 14 years in BPS/28 years in education
Gloria Barnes, Driver, Transportation, 47 years in BPS
Dana Beatty, Chemistry Teacher, Bellingham High School, 22 years in BPS/36 years in education
JoLynda Chronister, Administrative Assistant to the Principal, Roosevelt Elementary, 27 years in BPS
Steve Clarke, Assistant Superintendent Teaching and Learning, 33 years in BPS/35 years in education
Deborah Costello, Speech Language Pathologist, Districtwide, 25 years in BPS/26 years in education
Mark Danielson, Teacher, Geneva Elementary, 26 years in BPS/31 years in education
Amos Datskiy, Custodian, Squalicum High School, 18 years in BPS
Mike D’Hondt, Teacher and Science/Tech Coach TOSA, Happy Valley Elementary, 38 years in BPS
Richard Drost, Shop Foreman, Transportation, 35 years in BPS
Jan Dustrude, Special Education Teacher, Alderwood Elementary and Birchwood Elementary, 30 years in BPS /34 years in education
Vicki Griffith, Payroll Technician, District Office, 8 years in BPS
Renee Gugich, Food Service Lead, Sunnyland Elementary, 29 years in BPS
Mike Haberman, Director, Special Education, 8 years in BPS/22 years in education
Carolyn Hinshaw, Teacher, Birchwood Elementary, 36 years in BPS/38 years in education
Greg Holmgren, Assistant Principal, Wade King Elementary, Athletics, Activities and Enrichment Support, 36 years in BPS

Jeff McKenna, Prevention/Intervention Specialist, Districtwide, 35 years in BPS/37 years in education
Linda Miller, Principal, Bellingham High School, 11 years in BPS/37 years in education
Sandra Miller, Spanish Teacher, Squalicum High School, 23 years in BPS/37 years in education
Catherine Redekop, Counseling Administrative Assistant, Bellingham High School, 21 years in BPS
Sandi Rietman, Driver, Transportation, 28 years in BPS
John Rogstad, Journeyman Electrician, Buildings and Grounds, 40.5 years in BPS
Mary Sepler, Principal, Lowell Elementary, 6 years in BPS/31 years in education
Eric Weissenborn, Head Custodian, Geneva Elementary, 34 years in BPS
Steve Wiley, Counselor, Squalicum High School, 23 years in BPS/34 years in education
Shuvaun Wolpers, School Psychologist, Districtwide, 15 years in BPS/30 years in education

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