Students film Connect/Disconnect on school football field

Connect/Disconnect is an original devised film, written and created by Sehome High School drama students about their experiences during the school closures and the 2020 pandemic. It premiered online in January 2021.

The film has more than 2,000 views on YouTube and has been the recipient of both state and national awards on the professional film festival circuit, including:

  • Award Winner in the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards;
  • Spotlight Award for Best Inspirational Film in the Show For A Change Film Festival;
  • Semi-finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards;
  • Award winner at the Oniros Film Festival in New York;
  • Official Selection for the Columbia Film Festival; and
  • Pacific Northwest finalist (second place overall) in the Ellensburg Film Festival.

“These awards demonstrate a great truth in the film,” Sehome drama teacher Kandace McGowan says.  “A lot of people have really connected with the film as it shows what it is like to be a teenager in this pandemic, and it has really resonated with many people. It’s a really special project.”

McGowan shared that one of the film festivals in New York stated their desire to do a Q&A with our cast to talk about the process in creating the film and the Ellensburg Festival chose Connect/Disconnect to kick off their festival in June.

Connect/Disconnect synopsis: In March of 2020, the world changed with a global pandemic. It closed schools and isolated us in our homes, creating fear and distrust. The world became uncertain. Social unrest and political divides disconnected us and drove us apart. As one Sehome teen said, “Right as we were preparing to enter the world, the floor fell away. We jumped in the air, and now we don’t know where we are going to land.” We don’t know the future.  And yet, even in our physical distancing, we connect in a way unlike anything else in human history. Social media, Zoom calls, group chats, Discord servers and more bring us closer. Our community shows up for each other again and again, in everyday actions and outpourings of support. We build the future we hope for. How do we come together in a world where so much keeps us apart? Connect/Disconnect seeks that answer.

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