BHS senior Abigail Sorensen received the Phyllis Lawson CTE Scholarship in 2021

Bellingham High School senior Abigail (Abbie) Sorensen has received the Phyllis Lawson Scholarship from the Washington Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators (WACTA). She was one of 10 awardees in the state in 2021. The award honors outstanding service, leadership, knowledge and commitment to Career and Technical Education.

Katie Owen, sports medicine teacher, nominated Abbie because of her integral role in the Sports Medicine Program at BHS.  According to Owen, she has “excelled as a leader and role model both in the classroom and participating in the after-school practicum.”

As the Vice President of the Sports Medicine Club, Abbie “helps facilitate meetings and set up events, and goes above and beyond to further her knowledge in sports medicine by asking questions and practicing skills,” Owen wrote in her nomination letter. “She does not hesitate taking other students under her wing and allowing them the opportunity to try things when she could easily complete the task herself. She is motivated, encouraging, friendly, and embodies the collective commitments of BHS. Abbie has a bright future ahead of herself in physical therapy.”

Principal Miller shared that Phyllis Lawson was the beloved CTE certification specialist at OSPI (Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction) for many years and was well known for her outstanding service and commitment to CTE. “I’m so proud of Abbie and believe that she represents these same qualities here at BHS,” Miller stated.

Abbie shared that she plans to study kinesiology after graduation from BHS and expressed the following in response to receiving this award:

“I want to wholeheartedly thank Mrs. Owen for all the work she does both in and out of the classroom. The multitude of things she does for students and athletes truly shows how much she cares and supports every student and athletic endeavor. Mrs. Owen has inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field and I am grateful for her guidance and leadership of the BHS Sports Medicine program. Over the past three years, I have observed her dedication and love for being a teacher and athletic trainer. She is such an integral part of the BHS community.

Thank you also to Dr. Miller, Mr. Tetrick, and the Bellingham School District staff and supporters for providing such diverse Career and Technical Education programs for all their students.

And thank you finally to Phyllis Lawson for her advocacy of CTE at the state level. Her work has given me, and many others, the opportunity to gain beneficial skills and explore different post high school careers during our K-12 schooling experience.”

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