Dan takes a selfie video while kite surfing on blue-green water, blue sky in background.

This fall, as PE teachers grappled with how to teach physical fitness and activities online, high school Physical Education (PE) teachers decided to use the opportunity to bring in monthly guest speakers using video conferencing. PE teacher Kristin Siemion, with help from fellow PE teacher Mark Parrish, tapped Bellingham Public Schools alumni as well as others whose passion for sports motivated them to build a career in sports.

The series featured alumni and others working in a variety of capacities including journalism and research, coaching, multimedia journalism, marketing and sports technology.

After each webinar, students were given a 3-2-1 prompt, which asks for three takeaways, two questions and one thing they enjoyed. The teachers found that students connected with the speakers and information presented.

The speaker bio and webinars are available below:

Kite surfing, connection and working for GoPro

A still shot of Dan Larsen, with multiple kite surfing boards behind him.
Dan Larsen talks with high school students about his career.

Featuring: Dan Larsen

Power Point Presentation by Dan and questions at the end by Kristin Siemion

Bio: Dan Larsen will discuss how combining a passion for kite surfing and participation in early social media connected him to the Bay Area’s start up world and led to a series of events which eventually landed him a dream job at GoPro.


Squalicum Coach Lucey: from HS to college coaching

Nick Lucy and Mark Parish smiling.
Nick Lucey speaks with Mark Parrish regarding his coaching career.

Featuring: Nick Lucey

Interview by Mark Parrish

Bio: Squalicum football coach and PE teacher Nick Lucey has had an extraordinary journey as a football coach both here in Bellingham and with multiple college jobs around the world. Coach Lucey also comes from a talented family and has jumped over hurdles in his personal life as well.


From Squalicum alum to working for the San Francisco Giants

Ryan Bates smiling as he speaks with the PE class.
Ryan Bates speaks with students about his career in sports marketing and sponsorship.

Link to recorded webinar: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/09c46874-a72e-452f-91fe-d3f3d9bdd4fd

Featuring: Ryan Bates

Interview by Mark Parrish

Bio: Ryan Bates graduated from SQHS in 2002 and went on to Washington State University (WSU) and majored in sport management with a minor in marketing.  He started his career with an internship in marketing and broadcast with the Tampa Bay Rays in the summer of 2005 before graduating college. After graduation he went to work the NHL Phoenix (now Arizona) Coyotes where he joined the sponsorship and luxury suite service teams. He was at the Coyotes for four years before moving onto Dallas and working for the Cowboys, helping them to open AT&T Stadium in 2009 as their manager of sponsorship service. After two years there, he moved to the San Francisco 49ers where he sold hospitality for their new stadium project (including luxury suites and seat licenses). After three years at the 49ers, he moved up the freeway to work for MLB’s San Francisco Giants. He is going into his 8th season at the Giants where he serves as director of partnership sales.

Dante and Ms. Siemion are seen side by side during video conference.
Dante Koplowitz-Fleming works for the NFL as a researcher/writer.

BHS football player to NFL researcher in media content

Featuring: Dante Koplowitz-Fleming

Presentation by Dante and questions at the end by Kris Siemion.

Bio: Dante Koplowitz-Fleming graduated from Bellingham High School in 2015, played varsity football, took AP classes, and participated in ASB. He graduated from Western Washington University (WWU), majoring in journalism, and was the editor of the Western Front. During his senior year at WWU, he had the opportunity to intern with the Washington football team, which lead him to his current position in the NFL as a researcher/writer.

Ms. Siemion side by side with Mataya Siemion on video conference.
Mataya Siemion is a senior at WSU and films a number of different sports at WSU.

Participating in college division 1 sports through multimedia journalism

Featuring: Mataya Siemion

Presentation by Mataya and questions at the end by Kris Siemion.

Bio: Mataya Siemion graduated from Bellingham High School in 2017. She began filming for the Washington State University (WSU) football team her freshman year and continues this fall into her senior year. Her filming experience includes WSU’s basketball, baseball, soccer, and swim meets. The opportunity to film for WSU has led her to some work experience with ESPN. In December, she will graduate with a double major in multimedia journalism and public relations, with hopes of working with the NFL.

For more information contact Kristin.causey-siemion@bellinghamschools.org.

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