Bellingham Public Schools recently nominated volunteer and preschool paraeducator Jami Pitman for the Hotel Bellwether’s local community hero award. Members of our executive team and representatives from the Bellwether recently surprised Jami on Aug. 25 during a meeting via Zoom; you can watch a clip of this emotional recognition above.

Jami is a dedicated and enthusiastic parent advocate and loving staff member. She has volunteered countless hours and served on four different work teams this summer to help prepare our district and schools for our fall start. While we all recognize that the pandemic brings many challenges to our families, students, staff and community, Jami remains very positive and action-oriented. She has served two years as co-chair of the parent advisory committee to the superintendent and has done so with a strong focus on equity. She’s approachable, funny and cares deeply for all children, families and staff across our district. Jami is also inspirational; those who know her appreciate her willingness to be vulnerable and real when she shares her own story. There are so many people we could have nominated to be recognized, but Jami stands out as an exemplar of The Bellingham Promise and what our “collective commitment” means in our community.

Jami is equity-focused and strives to be inclusive of many voices. She is dedicated, funny and helpful. She cares deeply for her own son and extends that care and focus to all kids across our community. Jami is joy to be around and work with in any setting. Please join us in congratulating Jami!

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