Student artist Elly Q. of Northern Heights holding her Delaunay-inspired drawing

Traditionally, spring in Bellingham Public Schools includes a Children’s Artwalk reception highlighting art curriculum throughout our schools.

In lieu of this exhibition, we would like to share this small collaboration with Whatcom Museum who spied one of our elementary learning menus at the fourth grade level. (It was one of the first learning menus put up during the pandemic closure March 30 to April 3.)

This particular art lesson asked our fourth grade student artists to demonstrate a painting or drawing in the style of artist Sonia Delauna, who lived and worked in Europe one hundred years ago. Delaunay was known for her geometric color-blocking style.

The museum reached out to see if Bellingham Public Schools could share some of these student creations. Several fourth grade teachers responded and the museum shared their Sonia Delaunay original, from their permanent collection, alongside BPS student creations.

Click here to view the Delaunay BPS virtual exhibit.


Inset photo above: Birchwood fourth grader Camille Baker shared her artwork with her teacher Matt Burns.


It seems particularly fitting to highlight the creations of Delaunay, who lived in Europe during the 1918 flu, the last global pandemic, next to student art of this century who are living through our current worldwide pandemic.

Special thanks to museum educator Drew Whatley of the Whatcom Museum for coordinating this virtual exhibit.


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