Bellingham canoe team at national race in Georgia

Nine students in Bellingham Public Schools who are part of the Bellingham Canoe and Kayak Sprint Team ( BCKST) competed in August at the American Canoe Association Sprint National Championships at Lake Lanier, Georgia. The team composed of 5 young women and 4 young men won a total of 40 medals, 22 gold, 9 silver and 9 bronze. Fifteen sprint and canoe teams from across the United States competed in the event.

Three of the nine who attended Nationals, Elena Wolgamot, Jonas Ecker and Molly Spilker, will join teammate Sierra Noskoff at the USA Team training and competitions at the 2019 Olympic Hopes Regatta in Bratislava, Slovakia in September.

BCKST paddlers are coached by head coach Steve Scoggins and they train at Lake Padden. The team is part of the American Canoe Association.

Photo 1: Bellingham BCKST team in Lake Lanier, Georgia. L to R:   Abby Scoggins, Coleton McCoy, Ellie Scoggins, Ethan Odegaard, Molly Spilker, Zach McGiverin, Elena Wolgamot, Jonas Ecker, Emma McCoy

Photo 2: The four paddlers (Elena Wolgamot, Sierra Noskoff, Jonas Ecker, and Molly Spilker) at the airport heading to Slovakia on Sept. 5

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  1. Congratulations to these kids! These are amazing athletes, who put in untold hours of training year round in some fairly inclement weather with very little day to day recognition. They have made some amazing accomplishments, while at the same time remaining humble. Truly great examples of being positive and working hard!

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