Shahmeer at the science fair

Guest article by Kulshan Middle School eighth grade student Shahmeer Imran

My science fair project for 2019 was for the Whatcom County Science and Engineering Fair (WCSEF) and the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF).Shahmeer

This project has been under work for over two years. It all began the day I decided I wanted to change the world. After years of research I had drawn a conclusion that number one problem in the future will be energy so finding a consistent and sustainable renewable energy source was my goal. After a year and a half of research I knew I had an answer, fuel cells! The previous year I was testing wave buoys and mapping new designs which I took to the science fair last year receiving first place in state for my outstanding research and project. I plan to do the same this year.

Through my two years in chemical science and chemistry the big problem with why fuel cells are not as commercialized is because of a catalyst metal used in the fuel cell. The metal platinum is the most expensive metal on Earth. To begin my testing phase, I wanted to go on a perfect metal journey to find the perfect metal to replace platinum. If this innovation was to be added, fuel cells will have blast in the future and potentially could be used in poor nations around the world, this was the biggest innovation and discovery of my life!

After five weeks of testing the reaction did not occur, making my testing a failure but I wanted to change the world so I continued testing. After six weeks of testing, I was rewarded with results. After that I continued to test for three months and find the biggest discovery of my life, the future of fuel cells. That was not the end, I reached out to Western Washington University to share data and findings. I met with the director of the vehicle research who has worked on fuel cell cars before. I was well rewarded with his feedback that filled me with joy. The director said that I had something there. I reached out to many scientists to change the future. At the Whatcom County Science and Engineering Fair (WCSEF),  I was rewarded this year with first place in my division, people’s choice award and the second highest scoring project from K-12.

On March 29 and 30 was the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF), a state-wide science fair. This fair included over 700 students, or should I say future scientists. The fair included kids from all over the state, from Walla to Spokane. The experiences at the fair was amazing looking at all the amazing projects. It also gave me fear, but also confidence. After working for over 50-60 hours and over six months on this project I really felt good. The fair took place in Bremerton and included over three to four hours of judging but it all paid off. I received second place in state! I also won a tour to a power house in Oregon. Overall, my career in the science fairs has made me win many prizes and almost $600 to $700!

This is my life and science is the future. I will not sit and rest, I will continue to test and solve the problem of the world and I will change the world until the problem no longer exists. I will not stop!


  1. that is amazing! you have inspired me to try to do something like that, but in the medical field, where i am planning to have a job.

  2. Shahmeer, Congratulations on your win! We knew that you would do well after we saw at your amazing project @ county. We are all inspired by your love of science and desire to change the world, and are so proud that you represented Whatcom County! We know you will be doing great things in the world. Thank you!

  3. Shahmeer, I admire you and am grateful for your determination to help solve major world problems. I don’t know you but I have confidence you will be successful. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  4. Congratulations on this wonderful research and accomplishment, Shameer! You inspire us all with your perseverance. You always make me happy with your kind ways and sweet smile. Wishing you the best, always. Mrs. Mullen

  5. We need more children with your work ethic. You inspired me as a parent to up my childrens think process. Amazing story about you young man. Keep it up

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