High school singers and musicians have been busy taking part in regional events and competitions. The following is a round up of top honors given to district musicians in their category. Special acknowledgement and kudos goes to all the high school music teachers who help district students attend these events and perform at high levels of achievement.
State Solo/Ensemble Spring 2019

Every January, high school musicians from Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties attend the San Juan Music Educators Solo and Ensemble contest hosted at Bellingham High School. Solo/Ensemble is the regional competition for high school musicians and singers that moves competitors on to the state level.

The following students and ensembles in Bellingham Public Schools won first place in their category and will head to the state solo/ensemble competition in late April 2019 at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Wash.

From Bellingham High School: Leigh Hjelmseth, flute; Ashley Grinstead, saxophone; “Susan,” woodwinds large; Luke Springer, trumpet/cornet; Rikki Skoczen, viola; Audrey Fry, soprano; Carmen Souza, mezzo soprano; and Logan Foy, tenor

From Sehome High School: Orly Lindner, oboe/English horn; Roisin Connor, violin; Ari Geisler, cello; Sehome Cedar Chamber Orchestra, string ensemble large; Sibelius Squad, string ensemble small; Spencer Rose, baritone; and Jenny Cooper, guitar.

From Squalicum High School: Mali Brunk, trombone; Heads Up! Percussion Ensemble, percussion, large ensemble; Sarah Maeda, alto voice; Judah Kelly, bass voice; and Glover, Singh & Thompson trio, small vocal ensemble.

Congratulations to all who competed in the regional competition in January.


All-State/All-Northwest Conference February 2019

The 2019 National Association for Music Educators (Northwest Division) Conference was held February, 2019 in Portland, Oregon.  The following district high school musicians auditioned and were accepted into either the All-State ensembles from Washington state or the All-Northwest ensembles that included students from the entire Northwest region of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.

From Bellingham High School: Leigh Hjelmseth, flute, All-State Concert Band; Sadie Hoyle, soprano, All-Northwest Treble Choir; Brody Buck, Bass 1, All-Northwest Mixed Choir; Logan Foy, Tenor 2, All-State Symphonic Choir; and Anne Thorsen, Soprano 1, All-State Symphonic Choir

From Sehome High School: Virginia Arthur, Viola, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Roisin Connor, violin, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Clara Kelly, violin, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Sophie Kendrick, violin, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Yoshimi Lin, violin, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Ariana Raduege, cello, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Markian Romanyshyn, violin, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Olen Sandeno, string bass, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Casey Malone, alto 1, All-Northwest Treble Choir; John Malquist, bass 2, All-Northwest Mixed Choir; Elaine Mueller, soprano 2, All-Northwest Treble Choir; Spencer Rose, bass 1, All-Northwest Mixed Choir; Halina Buly, alto 2, All-State Symphonic Choir; Liam Jensen, bass, All-State Symphonic Choir; Will LaGrandeur, tenor 2, All-State Symphonic Choir; Casey McEvoy, tenor 2, All-State Symphonic Choir; and Maddie Skipton, soprano 2; All-State Symphonic Choir.

From Squalicum High School: Jacob Lann, cello, All-State Symphony Orchestra; Chris Lann, viola, All-Northwest Orchestra; Sydney Glover, soprano 1, All-Northwest Treble Choir; Gillian Brown, alto 2, All-Northwest Treble Choir; Sarah Maeda, alto 2, All-Northwest Treble Choir; Jake Bowen, bass 1, All Northwest Symphonic Choir; Daniel Maeda, bass 2, All-Northwest Symphonic Choir; Luke Thompson, bass 2, All-Northwest Symphonic Choir; Judah Kelly, bass 2, All-Northwest Symphonic Choir; Mehar Singh, soprano 2, All-State Symphonic Choir; Paula Pelayo, soprano 2, All-State Symphonic Choir; Kezia Thompson, alto 2, All-State Symphonic Choir; Caden Stoane, bass 1, All-State Symphonic Choir; and Mali Brunk, trombone, All-State Symphony Orchestra.

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