Roosevelt Staff perform in Jack Frost, the Queen, and the Wardrobe

For many years running, the Roosevelt Elementary School staff produces a colorful theatrical production as a gift to their students just before everyone leaves for winter break. In previous years, productions included Roosevelt versions of The Nutcracker, Candyland and Babes in Toyland. The shows are written, put together and rehearsed throughout the fall months.

This year’s show was called “Jack Frost, the Queen and the Wardrobe,” loosely based on the popular C.S. Lewis book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”  In this version, Jack Frost has been captured by the Ice Queen and needs to be freed by his siblings. The final scene is an air guitar battle between the Ice Queen and Jack Frost.  Frost vanquishes the queen with his performance of the iconic dueling banjo theme, thus allowing the sun and flowers to return.

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