Not every aspiring Eagle Scout has access to an aerospace manufacturing shop. Rorey Stevenson, a Bellingham High School junior, used the shop at Options High School to create a sign and posts for the Sudden Valley Small Dog Park as part of his Eagle Scout Service Project. Stevenson is in the Aerospace Manufacturing course, which is one of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings for Bellingham Public Schools students.

“This project shows the broad Career and Technical skills our schools have to offer,” says CTE teacher Paul Clement, adding, “Rorey’s attention to the sign’s longevity is apparent in his fabrication and installation plans.”

Stevenson began formulating the idea for the project in January and has since spent more than 100 hours working on it. He says his experience in the aerospace program helped him design and build every part of the project. He used a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) design program to design the piece, as well as a plasma cutter. After completing the initial cut of the sign, he added a rust finish and cut and stained the wood for the posts. Next, he’s moving on to installation, which will include digging post holes and pouring concrete.

The second phase of his Eagle Scout Service Project will include expanding the existing dog park by extending the fencing and installing new posts to double its size.

Stevenson was recently accepted into the Boeing summer internship program. After high school, he hopes to become a helicopter pilot in the military, which may involve working as a mechanic before becoming a pilot. He says the aerospace course has helped prepare him for his future career by increasing his confidence and skills in aerospace, general mechanics and engineering.

Photo: Aerospace Manufacturing student Rorey Stevenson and Career & Technical Education teacher Jared Greenwood.


  1. Great job Rorey! Our dog parks are a real necessity today. So proud of all your effort and work it takes to achieve Eagle Scout. Plus your working on your future plans.

  2. Rorey is one our Troop 4019 Scouts and we are very proud of him, and of his aspirations. Rorey is very well rounded student and is also highly competitive as a Bellingham Red Raider Wrestler (Go Raiders!). I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Greenwood and toured the Aerospace program and facility before Options opened. As an FAA employee, who works as an Aviation Safety Inspector, and A&P Mechanic, and former A&P Instructor, I will make a commitment to make myself available to Options and Mr. Greenwood for visits to Options from time to time in the coming year, to let these young men and women know what is important from a regulatory perspective. I have had thousands of Boeing employees attend an hour long training session that I present. I’d love to be involved, and I’ve been a registered Bellingham School Volunteer for many years.

  3. Thank you, Rorey, for this wonderful sign. Wish that I could upload a picture, but even 1,000 words fall short in expressing how impressed I am with this young adult. Rorey has a brilliant future ahead of him. Wow!!!

  4. Rory, as a Sudden Valley resident, thank you for your hard work! Please know that residents will definitely appreciate this sign and your effort. Where exactly will this be going?

    • Thanks for your interest! There are two signs now in place from Rorey’s eagle scout project, both in Sudden Valley. Rorey and his scout troop (4019) installed them on June 11, along with eight new fence posts for enlarging the fence around the small dog park. The fence will be completed on Saturday, June 16. The first sign is in Sudden Valley Marina park, it is located in the grass near the middle of the park on the border of the regular park and dog park areas. The second sign is located on the front fence line at the small dog park. The Sudden Valley small dog park is in gate 2 next to the tennis courts near the pool and the Barns.

  5. I recently took my dog to the dog park and was very impressed. Such an awesome and much needed addition for our community. And what an impressive thing for a High School student to do. Congrats!

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