Squalicum singers

More than 30 student musicians from district high schools were invited to attend the 45th Annual All-State Conference in Yakima, Wash., hosted by the Washington Music Educators Association (WMEA.) This year’s conference was held Feb. 15 to 18 with the theme “Music: Leading to the Heart of Education.”  Due to unfortunate travel conditions and inclement weather, many students were not able to participate in this year’s conference. Congratulations to all that were invited into the All-State bands, orchestras and choirs.

Every year, students are chosen from audition tapes that are sent in and adjudicated by a team of music teachers/professional musicians. Students invited to attend from Bellingham Public Schools in 2018 were:

From Bellingham High School:  Zach Murdzia on oboe and Luke Springer on trumpet in the All-State Concert Band.

From Sehome High School:   Camille Kendrick and Jae-chan Lee on cello in the All-State Symphony Orchestra and Rosie Kirker on bassoon in the All-State Concert Band; Fern Beach, alto 2, Linnea Devange, alto 1, Clara Ford, soprano 1, Casey Malone, alto 1, Elaine Mueller, soprano 2 and Alex Pushkar, alto 1 in the All-State Treble Choir; and Caitlin Bertelsen, soprano 1, Elsie Dank, soprano 2, Nikhil Harle, tenor 1, Peter Howard-Snyder, bass 2,  Liam Jensen, bass 1, Amelia Lustick, soprano 1, Casey McEvoy, tenor 2, and Spencer Rose, bass 1 in the All-State Symphonic Choir.

From Squalicum High School: Christopher Lann on violin for the All-State Symphony Orchestra and Alex Golombek on guitar in the All-State Jazz Choir; Toby Bruce, bass 2, Jakob Liming, tenor 2, Anthony Martinez, tenor 1, Paula Pelayo, soprano 2, Carl Peterson, bass 2, Casey Tran, soprano 2 and Tahlia Wine, soprano in the All-State Symphonic Choir; and Sydney Glover, soprano 1, Sarah Maeda, alto 2 Mehar Singh, soprano 2, Amanda Smith, alto 1, and Kezia Thompson, alto 2, in the All-State Treble Choir.


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