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More than 125 volunteers from Cornwall Church, along with district staff and families, came together to transform a community room at the Eliza Court mobile home park near Bellis Fair Mall, making a positive impact on the district families who live there.

The renovation of the space included painting the inside and outside of the building; fixing or replacing broken windows, and removing the fireplace. External lighting was also added to light the outside and inside light fixtures were repaired and replaced. Additionally, volunteers trimmed trees, weeded around the building, put down gravel and cleaned the roof.  The project took a total of four preparation days and one service day in July to complete.

See photos 2 to 5 for the before and after shots.

All of the supplies to renovate the community room were funded by Cornwall Church, with the local Kiwanis Club donating an additional $100 to support the project.

In September, Birchwood Elementary School hosted an Eliza Court BBQ to celebrate the work that was done and Superintendent Greg Baker honored the volunteers for their contribution. See photos 6 to 13.

The plan is for the community room to be used for after-school activities and summer programs.


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