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Sehome Student Welds Recycling/Compost Bin

Jack Jensen, who graduated from Sehome High School in June 2017, returned to showcase one of the three recycling/compost bins that he created for the school.

Last year, in AP environmental science Jack had to work on a project that would help the environment. Jack said he heard the environmental club was trying to figure out a better way to do recycling and compost. Because welding is a hobby for him, he decided to put his skills to use by building a recycling and compost bin for his school.

Most of the steel for the project was donated so the cost was low and he was able to create three bins. Jack built a steel frame and hung the sheet metal to create the shape for the bins. Then he cut holes on the top to match the design you’d see at restaurants. To build and paint all three bins it took about 30 hours.

The bins were placed at Sehome last June and Jack says he’s been told there has already been a noticeable reduction in landfill waste.

Jack branded the bins with Jenco which is how he identifies the products he makes. He said it isn’t an official business, but he hopes that it will be someday. Jack is headed to Central Washington University this fall and plans to study construction management.

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