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Morgan Schwab Recognized as 2016 One Schoolhouse Award Winner

Educators in Action

The One Schoolhouse award recognizes teams or individuals who are supporting The Bellingham Promise and equity for students beyond one school. This year, we recognized band/orchestra teacher Morgan Schwab at Fairhaven Middle School for her work to expand opportunities for music education to all students.

Morgan has taught band or orchestra at seven schools in the district but her reach extends beyond those seven schools. Nine years ago, she unified our four middle school marching bands, organizing them into one band for the annual Ski to Sea Parade. Going a step further, Morgan approached Whatcom Educational Credit Union and asked them to sponsor our students, so every child, regardless of income, could wear the same shirt and march together.

Morgan is dedicated to all Bellingham students. She was instrumental in supporting the return of fifth grade stings program, she developed a tutoring program for incoming sixth graders and she continuously checks in with her students who have moved on to high school.

A student writes of Morgan: “Ever since I met her in the fifth grade, I have loved her. She is kind, caring and strict at times when needed. She keeps class in order and at the same time makes class fun. She works hard on trying to give everyone a chance to play music in a fun way.”

One of the outcomes of The Bellingham Promise is we develop, “artists, performers.” This is not an outcome we seek for just a few kids, or a select group; we want these opportunities for all kids in Bellingham. Morgan’s work is an outstanding example of how the efforts of one music educator can have incredible reach across multiple schools.

Comments (2)

  1. Joanne Donnellan

    3 years ago

    I am very happy t see Morgan receiving this award. She is a hard-working dedicated teacher, and I know the kids lov her! She has high expectations and she is there for her students. She has very large classes, which is a testament to the value students and parents place on her teaching.
    Congratulations, Morgan!

  2. E Griffin

    3 years ago

    Morgan Schwab deserves a raise, not just an award. She really cares about these kids, no matter how rascally they can be. The way she manages to keep so many kids on task at the same time is no less than a miracle. I have seen her work with middle schoolers and have nothing but awe for the woman.

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