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Great Teaching with Strong Support, Teachers Join Advisory Groups

Educators in Action

In order to fulfill The Bellingham Promise, the Department of Teaching and Learning launched a structure of Teaching and Learning Advisories to address and maintain content specific topics in a cohesive, coherent and transparent manner. The Teaching and Learning Advisories are comprised of certificated staff members.

Since March, five Teaching and Learning Advisories have launched. The groups include Developing Historians and Global Thinkers, Developing Scientists, Developing Readers and Writers, Developing Healthy and Active Individuals and Developing Multilingual Readers and Writers. The current PreK-12 Math Committee is continuing to meet in the role of Developing Mathematicians.

Advisory groups for additional outcomes may be added in the future.

The objectives of these advisories are to:

  • have a proactive, maintenance stance on all curricular areas,
  • gather advice regarding PreK-12 instruction that is focused on developing students,
  • address issues related to state standards,
  • discover instruction and assessment and professional development needs, and
  • communicate findings to families and the community.

“I’m really excited that we have begun this important work,” said Charisse Berner, Director of Teaching and Learning. “Staff are excited to start these conversations and are thrilled to be at the table.”

Part of the work of the PreK-12 Math Committee led to the adoption of new math curriculum during the 2014-15 school year. To learn more about math in Bellingham Public Schools, view the video below.

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