The Bellingham Food Bank at Alderwood.

This school year, Alderwood Elementary is hosting a new program made possible by generous funding from the Whatcom Community Foundation. 

The Bellingham Food Bank will use the Alderwood Elementary gym as a pick-up site one day a week. The program began on Oct. 15. Use of the food bank is open to any family needing assistance.

Alderwood will be the food bank location once per week and will be run by volunteers. Last fall, a conversation with community members and families led to this additional location. It was determined that Alderwood would provide greater access to families without access to transportation and more availability to families who are working when other food bank locations are open. Holding the food bank at Alderwood will also provide an easier route for families who rely on the bus system.

Janae Hodge, Alderwood Elementary principal, says she hopes that families will take advantage of this program and that it will become a social time for families who attend. She wants them to feel welcomed and comfortable at Alderwood. She said the purpose of this is to eliminate barriers so students can continue to focus on their learning, instead of worrying about things such as food.

“Our community has a lot of great resources and support and I want families to utilize this because it allows more time for focus and learning,” Principal Hodge said. “It can also create more opportunity for families to spend more time together through food security at a convenient location.”

The Bellingham Food Bank will be open every Thursday at Alderwood Elementary, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., available to any family in need of assistance.



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