Happy Valley students sign a beam to be placed in the new school.

Great progress is being made on the new Happy Valley Elementary School that is being built on the eastern section of the school’s property. Students, staff and principal Karen Tolliver recently signed a large beam that will be built into the new school. Tiger Construction, the Everson-based contractor that was awarded the Happy Valley bid, worked with Principal Tolliver to stagger a stream of students and staff one morning so they could safely be on the construction site (or the “other side of the fence,” as it’s commonly referred to on the playground).

“The kids loved signing the beam. It was a lot of fun being on the other side of the fence, even for just a minute or two. Just by allowing students to add their signature to the beam added some ownership and additional excitement to the project,” said Tolliver.

To watch progress on Happy Valley’s new school, see photos or the facilities cam.

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