Students present at TEDxShuksan.

TEDxShuksanMiddleSchool was a huge success on May 30. The theme of the event was, “youth who are changing the world.” The event included 22 speakers and performers ranging in ages from elementary to high school. The audience was limited to 100 people, but each speaker and performer was recorded and will be posted on the TEDx YouTube channel.

“Every day I see people with stories to share but don’t really have an outlet for those stories, so I thought TEDxShuksanMiddleSchool would be a great opportunity for that,” said Shuksan seventh grader Mehar Singh. “It was incredible to see what youth were doing to change the world, whether it was a big or small contribution. I think the audience really took away that anyone can change the world if they have a drive and a passion .”

Mehar had the vision to bring the TEDx event to her school. She worked with teacher Stephanie Strow starting in March of 2014  to make the event happen. In addition to organizing and planning the event, Mehar contacted internationally known writer and youth advocate, Adora Svitak, and her sister, Adrianna Svitak, and asked them to speak and perform.

“TEDxShuksanMiddleSchool embodies The Bellingham Promise in so many ways,” said Shuksan teacher and co-organizer, Stephanie Strow. “I want to celebrate the accomplishments of our speakers and performers, as well as the numerous staff and community members who donated their time and talent to help make this event a huge success.”


TEDxShuksanMiddleSchool Speakers and Performers:

Wade King Elementary: Fifth graders Ella Aven, Jacob Brown, Lucas Gaston, Kai Ocheltree

Shuksan Middle School: Eighth graders Lena Albarran, Mia Chavira, Anya Dumas, Abby Lynch, Ocean Pierce Lewis, Ivon Sanchez, Sheyla Turudija, and seventh grader Colby De Wilde

Fairhaven Middle School: Eighth graders Emily Little and Nicholas Vulic

Kulshan Middle School: Eighth graders Tessa Kilcline and Karol Mukhamediyeva

Whatcom Middle School: Sixth grader Ian McDevitt

Bellingham High School: Senior Sammie Wilson and junior Vincent Blackshadow Braimes

Sehome High School: Sophomore Kaleb Harrison and junior Dana Ringler

Squalicum High School: Senior Timothy Lann, and freshmen Alex Golombek, Zach Cowin and Marcus Benson

Homeschool: Freshman Asia Verbrugge

Other: College freshman Adora Svitak and college sophomore Adrianna Svitak

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