Fifth grade students at a track meet.

Elementary physical education specialists worked together to organize the All City Fifth Grade Track Meet. The track meet has been taking place for more than 40 years and involves all Bellingham elementary schools. Almost 800 fifth-graders participated in the event.

Prior to the track meet, students spend three to four weeks doing a track and field unit at their school. This unit allows kids to try every track and field event. However, at the meet, students may only choose one event to compete in.

The events are broken into field events (long jump, standing long jump, triple jump, shot put, softball throw and high jump) and running events (50 meter dash, 75 meter dash, 200 meter run, 400 meter run, 800 meter run and the 4×100 relay).

“This event connects to The Bellingham Promise in numerous ways including introducing kids to the diverse athletic opportunities that will expand as they make the transition into middle school,” said Hale Hanaway, physical education specialist. “This opportunity instills in kids a competitive spirit that builds on our outcome of making healthy and active individuals. Our elementary physical education teachers ensure that all students get unique opportunities to explore athletic options, this event is an example of the one schoolhouse approach at its best.”


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  1. I’m really glad this is still going on I was part of that myself hopefully my record still stands in the softball throw

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