A parent joins the classroom.

Bellingham Public Schools now provides services and support to families who choose home-based instruction for their children.

After visits to established partnership programs across the state, and with extensive input from the community, an advisory group was able to recommend what they believe to be the best program possible to serve our families who homeschool. The group was dedicated to setting a “gold standard” of innovation and current best practices for the Bellingham community.

The Family Partnership Program will be a place where homeschool families (kindergarten through grade 8) can find resources, consultation and a learning community to support their teaching and learning process. From curriculum materials and guidance to weekly engaging classes for students, the program hopes to be a site for collaboration.

According to principal Kate Baehr, the Family Partnership Program is creating learning environments that are ‘innovative, flexible, engaging and welcoming.”

“Our hope is to provide a learning community that honors the family as the primary educators,” she says,” and also encourages individualized education and offers opportunities to connect with other homeschooling families.”

The Bellingham Promise, our school district’s strategic plan, makes a collective commitment to serve all of the students in our community. BPS has identified approximately 400 homeschool students within the district. More than half of those students are enrolled in family partnership programs offered by other public school districts. The hope is to create a self-sustaining model for our community.

Located inside the Larrabee building at 1409 18th Street, families can take a tour of the facility to learn more. Enrollment information is online or call 676-6424. Enrollment is now open for fall programs.


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