Bellingham High Tech Crew in Orlando.

Bellingham High School’s Technical Entertainment Crew (TEC) visited Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida over spring break 2015.

Twelve TEC students traveled ranging from freshmen to seniors along with three chaperones.

Students watched and analyzed the shows in production at Universal Studios studying different technology utilized.  The students also toured Full Sail, a technical university focused on show production and film. In addition, they visited the Dr. Phillips Center, a new performance space in Orlando with a strong vision for the arts.

While on these tours, the students learned a myriad of things about live shows and how there are many types of effects used in shows, such as pyro, fire, water, and lighting effects, and the amount of time it takes with different effects in production.

As emphasized in their TEC statement “the mission of the Bellingham Technical Entertainment Crew is to produce high impact productions while encouraging safety, quality and teamwork among students.”  The travel and workshops to Universal Studios were an important learning experience for these students as they develop their passion and their mission.

Under the coaching and direction of theater program technician and staff member Kramer Kales, TEC club students wrote up how they feel they reflect The Bellingham Promise.

How the Technical Entertainment Crew (TEC) Implements The Bellingham Promise

The Technical Entertainment Crew achieves the beliefs of The Bellingham Promise by…

  • Giving every student the opportunity to dream and develop a passion for the technical aspect of the performing arts. Ultimately this results in students being able to provide students, parents, and community members with quality performances. This experience gives students a chance to develop skills and knowledge that will lead to greater success in life after their education with us.
  • Making sure every student that has a passion for the performing arts will have a chance to learn, no matter their background or socio-economic status. They will be able to access tools used in the real world and be able to apply skills learned in the classroom to a career path in technical theatre field.
  • Believing in every student. Students grow at different speeds and matching a teaching style to each student is essential for growth and development. We want students to be passionate about their work, and to work collaboratively to achieve the best result they can.

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