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Our Vision

We, as a community, make a collective commitment to Bellingham’s children. We will empower every child to discover and develop a passion, contribute to their community, and achieve a fulfilling and productive life.

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Our Mission

We collectively commit that our students are cared for and respected, and that they will graduate from our schools prepared for success. All students will be exceptional in their own way, with strong character, a passion for learning, and ready for the widest range of educational and vocational options to support a diversity of life choices.

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Core Beliefs

  • All children should be loved
  • The whole child is important
  • Every child can learn at high levels
  • Early learning and development are critical
  • Learning is lifelong and essential to a high quality of life
  • Compassion and service build community
  • Teaching children to do their best involves self-reflection and reaching higher
  • Diversity enhances a strong and healthy community
  • Together we achieve more than alone

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Key Strategies

Innovation and Flexibility

At all levels, but with particular attention to our middle and high schools, we promote innovation and flexibility to ensure we are meeting the needs of all students.

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Early Childhood

We invest in a strong early childhood (prenatal to third grade) program because of its powerful 
long-term return for our students and community.

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Great Teaching with Strong Support

High quality instruction occurs in every classroom, every day, resulting in high levels of learning. This is supported by purposeful and ongoing professional development of all staff and effective leadership throughout the organization.

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A One Schoolhouse Approach

We provide an equitable distribution of resources and services to ensure excellence for all.

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Student, Family and Community Engagement

Authentic partnerships are essential in order to deliver upon our promise. We actively seek input from and work together with all stakeholders to cultivate both existing and new partnerships.

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We develop students and graduates who are:
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Knowledge                                                                   Character                                                               Action

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