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Thanks to voter support of our school bus levy last fall, 22 new buses arrived at Transportation in July. Voters approved a two-year levy for $4.4 million that allowed the purchase of the new buses. We received new six conventional, nine transit and five mini buses. Two more mini buses will arrive in October. The conventional buses are for everyday student transportation. The transit buses have underneath storage space and are designed for out-of-town trips such as field trips. The mini buses are designed for specialized transportation. These buses will help implement our new school start and ends times schedule. These buses will also have new technology for improved student safety, better fuel efficiency and GPS tracking.

“All of our buses are very safe,” said Rae Anne Thon, Director of Transportation. “The standards have risen and our new fleet will be right up to those standards. The buses have higher seat backs so the kids are in a safe environment and all of our buses will have the most current technology.”

These new buses will replace our old fleet including the bus below that is more than 30 years old.

Old 1986 school bus

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  1. Mark W. Noonan

    2 months ago

    There are 8 Buses not pictured. Are they Thomas HDX’s Or Mini?

  2. Lisa Gilchrist

    2 months ago

    Hi Mark,

    These pictures were taken when the first new buses arrived. Our new buses did not all arrive at the same time. All of our buses are Thomas. We have conventional, transit and mini buses for a total of 22 new buses, thanks to voters!

    Thanks for checking!

  3. James Higgins

    2 months ago

    What happens to the old buses? Are they for sale? Could I buy one for private use? Where could I find more information about it? Just wondered.

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