Wade King Snowflake Drive makes holidays brighter

Wade King Elementary School has embraced the giving spirit once again this holiday season.

The school’s Snowflake Drive helps families at Alderwood Elementary and elsewhere with holiday gifts or basic needs — everything from a box of Legos or other toys, to a set of towels or a microwave oven.

Staff and the PTA at Wade King initiated the Snowflake Drive a year ago after they saw that families at Alderwood were still seeking help, as other services offered by Bellingham Public Schools and the community at large were running out.

“We were supporting Wade King families in need but had the capacity to support more families and wanted to take action,” said Wade King interim principal Stephanie Johnson, who worked at Alderwood last year.

A year ago, more than 150 snowflakes representing anonymous families from Alderwood or Wade King went up on a board inside the main entrance. Wade King students or parents could take snowflakes from the board, go shopping, wrap their purchases and return them to the school so the receiving families would have them before the holidays. Amazingly, every single snowflake was transformed into gifts last year.

“It was inspiring to watch gifts stack up,” said PTA Co-President Kelsie Wheeler, who helped organize both snowflake drives. Last year, she worked with fellow PTA member Jeneen Durand.

The program was expanded this year, with Lowell Elementary participating, on both the giving and receiving ends of the drive. In fact, anyone in the school community with an unmet need could get a snowflake. More than 230 of them went up this year.

“This is the catch-all for people who can’t access other programs, for whatever reason,” said Wade King Counselor Regina Twigg, who also helped organize the Snowflake Drive.

Like last year, the snowflakes started coming down fast, proving that children and their families genuinely want to help their community, Twigg said. The drive was a learning opportunity; many students realized that some basic items they take for granted are needed by others in their community.

“They’re excited to shop for someone who is in need,” Twigg said.

Photo: PTA Co-President Kelsie Wheeler, interim principal Stephanie Johnson and counselor Regina Twigg pose in front of the Wade King Elementary School Snowflake Drive board on Monday, Dec. 5.




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  1. Doneva Froberg

    2 years ago

    It has been so heart warming subbing at Wade King the last couple of days before Winter break and seeing the beautiful wrapped presents come in and then watching them go out with very grateful smile filled faces.
    So blessed to have witnessed both sides of the giving and receiving.

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