Columbia and Wade King Students Create Artwork for Habitat for Humanity

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Artwork created by Columbia and Wade King Elementary students was featured during the 14th Annual Raise the Roof Auction for Habitat for Humanity fundraiser on May 14.

Habitat for Humanity Program Director Fred Sheppard reached out to Bellingham schools to identify potential artists to help create decorations for their fundraising auction. Sheppard worked in education for almost twenty years before moving to Bellingham. He shared his idea to include student art as part of his fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity with Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Gaer, who then located a volunteer to help with the project.

Susie Cole who is both a Columbia parent and local artist has worked after school with students at Columbia and Wade King on art projects for the past three years. She was contacted by Gaer about getting students involved in this art project.

“I was thankful to be asked to be part of this project,” said Cole. “I think the students really felt special being chosen to create artwork for the event.”

The art project included four large reams of paper, 16 sets of oil pastels, 26 panels and the hard work of 52 student artists. The paper for the art project was donated from The Bellingham Herald and Habitat for Humanity paid for art supplies including oil/pastels and markers.

“Some of the kids drew together and collaborated on drawings, but most just drew along side each other and chatted about their art,” said Cole.

Before beginning the project Sheppard spent time talking to the students about the lack of affordable housing in our area and how Habitat for Humanity helps build houses for families in need. He asked them to think about what habitat and what humanity means to them.

“Many drew their own houses, their bedrooms, backyards. One student even drew the American flag. It was interesting to see how students interpreted home,” said Gaer. “I hope these students took away that their artwork will contribute to helping other kids in our community.”


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