Sehome Robotics Students Share 3D Printer Expertise with Roosevelt Students

Sehome High School’s Robotics program and the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department provided Roosevelt Elementary School with a 3D printer earlier this school year.

After its arrival, Roosevelt library media specialist Denisa Anderson invited Sehome High robotics students to give an introduction to the printer and provide initial tech support and training with her fifth grade students.

In December, two Sehome seniors Noah Byford and Liam Mora were present in her classroom. They set up the computer, explained both what CAD is (computer-aided design) and what a gcode is (the computer code directing the printer to move here to there). They also answered student questions, (sample question: “Can you make spherical objects?”) and worked through the steps in sending a file to print.

Kevin Criez, Sehome High robotics teacher and advisor, hopes to plan more interactions between his students and elementary schools in the future, saying ‘it was a great experience for our kids to work with Roosevelt.’

Byford will attend Oregon State University and Mora will attend California PolyTechnic State University in Fall 2016. Both will study engineering.


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