Options Student Competes in CrossFit Open Games

Students at Options High School can now take an alternative physical education class thanks to a partnership with the local CrossFit X Gym on Grant Street. Physical Education teacher, Doriane Gunnels, encouraged students to step out of their comfort zones and into the gym to try CrossFit. CrossFit is a workout that involves a variety of exercises including gymnastics, weightlifting and running.

“I am so excited about my students, the program and the progress each student has been making in class!” said Gunnels.  “The key in our class is keep moving! The great thing is these students are pushing themselves, against themselves, to better themselves! I love it!”

One of Gunnels’s students, sophomore Rose Honrud, just participated in the CrossFit Open Games which is an optional five-week Saturday workout that is judged. The times and repetitions are logged into an online program, where people all over the world are competing with each other. The Saturday workouts are voluntary and Gunnels said CrossFit has been an extremely positive and meaningful experience for Rose.

“Rose is learning about herself physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. I have seen her show grit when she gets to the end of a long workout and her muscles are telling her no and her brain is telling them yes! I have heard her tell me that her parents have tears in their eyes because they have never seen her work so hard for something, to achieve, to finish, to accomplish and to fight for her goal. Rose was strong before CrossFit, but since this class and the CrossFit Open Games, Rose and others in this community and her family know and see just how strong Rose really is.  She wears and will continue to wear her new self-confidence like a badge for the rest of her life because of her bravery to try something new!  Rose has shown others that it is okay to be brave, be strong and persevere,” said Gunnels.

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  1. Gillian Grambo

    2 years ago

    Go Rose! I’m proud of you, and see you pushing yourself in academics, too!

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