Lowell Students Learn to Draw Still Life

Students at Lowell Elementary School learned how to paint still life through a project where they drew different foods that represent their class. Led by the head of the art enrichment program, Amy Gould, the kids learned the formal art skills needed to create their pieces.

Gould said her goal was to teach students to paint what they saw, not what they knew. Each child had the food sitting in front of them to look at as they drew them, using pencils and pastels.

Although all grades participated, Gould narrowed it down to 18 final pictures that are now hanging in the school’s cafeteria.

“It’s important to keep art in schools because it teaches the children visual literacy, allowing them to better understand problem-solving and symbolism,” Gould said.

More than anything, Gould says she loves to see what the kids imagine and create because it’s inspiring.

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