Whatcom County School Retirees Association Funds Mini-Grants in Fall 2014

The Whatcom County School Retirees Association (WCSRA) funded twelve mini-grants to staff in Bellingham Public Schools this fall. Awardees include the following:

Alderwood Elementary

Principal Janae Hodge and counselor Mikah Smith, $150 each for a backpack program
Teacher Josie Estrada, $150 for the Safe Place Program
Enrichment coordinator Niki Mantas, $100 for grades 3 to 5 choir transportation
Americorps volunteer Marah Navlet, $100 for a grade 3 to 5 field trip.

Northern Heights Elementary

Grade 4 teacher Heidi Mozelewski, $149 for story works magazine

Shuksan Middle School

Grade 6 teacher Doug Robinson, $150 for an engineering project

Whatcom Middle School

Grade 7 teachers Malcoln Kennell, Fred Chung and John Horner and Amy Berreth, $150 each for WWU field experience

Bellingham High

Catherine Gersich 9-12 Watercolor Materials $150

These grants are for the benefit of students and awarded to teachers, para-educators, counselors and other staff members. A total of 32 grants were funded this year in Whatcom County. The primary goal of the WCSRA is to help current public school students and staff and members serve as volunteers, provide funds for special projects, help fill school supply requests and rejoice in student accomplishments.

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